3 Best Ways to Earn More NBA 2K16 Virtual Currency ( VC )

nba2k16store Date: Dec/19/15 16:58:19 Views: 18

In "NBA 2K16," Virtual Currency (VC) and NBA 2K16 MT just as important . VC is what's needed to buy new sneakers and accessories for your player, upgrade your attributes and even buy new player cards for MyTeam. Unfortunately, it can be hard to earn VC. If you're struggling with your funds, here are three tips to earn you some more VC.

1. Download the MyNBA2K16 app

The latest "NBA 2K" app is easily the best way to earn a ton of VC daily. There are many ways to earn VC in the app. The first way is by playing the Daily VC Bonus game. This mini-game allows you to earn up to 1500 VC every day by flipping random cards and matching up three of them. The next way to earn VC is by playing quick games. In the app, you build your own team similar to "NBA 2K16's" MyTeam mode, with your created team, you can play against other people and earn up to 500 VC a day. Once the NBA season starts, you will also be able to earn VC by correctly choosing the winning teams of each day's schedule. 


2. Watch NBA 2KTV

Do you know that annoying video that automatically plays every time you start up "NBA 2K16"? That's NBA 2KTV and it can easily net you 500 or VC per video. To obtain the VC, just watch the video and answer the interactive questions (What was your favorite part of MyCareer, Who is Vic). Every answered question gets you a certain amount of VC.


3. Play MyCareer games

Playing MyCareer can seem tough sometimes but it is a good way to earn VC. Just like a real NBA player, you will be paid for every game you play. Early in your career, your salary may be a low 280 VC per game but as you progress, you can get better contracts. You'll also earn more VC for good game performances and can even get VC bonuses for certain connections you make. Pro tip: If you simulate to the end of a game, you won't earn any VC. So, what you can do is wait until the second half and if the game is a blowout, you pause the game and asked to be taken out. With this method, you will still earn VC.