A new round table for the NBA finals was held by ESPN

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For the finals, ESPN has held a new round table. And invited five experts express their views and express their reflections. Wherein more than one expert criticized Irving's defense, and some even suggested that it should only give him 15 minutes.

As the key point of the finals opener, Harbaugh Strobel: Cavaliers did not do a good job of preparing to play championship-level defense, as a Finals team, your players need to play at both ends of the level of the elite class. And the Cavaliers is helpless for the players of Warriors who control the ball.

Terry Dole: The Cavaliers looks too strange, perhaps this is because in the beginning before the finals opener, they rested too long. Maybe this is just my personal feeling, but in fact the Warriors did opponent looks rusty. In that game, the Cavaliers' offensive end has no rhythm at all, the ball's shift to do very poor, poor shot selection, especially in the inside of the basket.

British Gellman: Owen still has no active defense, this is the NBA Finals. This is not only reflected in the repeated gambling defense, even when the opponents counterattack, his attitude to the game seemed very passive. There is no doubt that if Irving continue this performance, then the Cavaliers will be in big trouble.

Al Hassan: When the Cavaliers try to continue their small lineup, the team will inevitably run into trouble. As the data showed that, when Carrefour, Owen and JR on the court, they lose points nearly 119 points in every hundred rounds. There is no doubt, when three players also appear in the court, Cavaliers owns a high scoring efficiency to make up the deficit on the defensive end, not to mention the game and even offensive, Owen and JR are obviously difficult.

Pelton: The finals looked completely different with the West finals, after played hard to win over the Thunder, now the defending champion looks more comfortable with these game. The part of the reason is that the Cavaliers’ defense and conversion capacity is too bad, they missed a lot of layups in the game.

As the MVP in this stage, Al Hassan: Andre Iguodala. For two consecutive years, He defended James so well. Maybe I should go to open this discussion: a man only once selected All-Star, and never entered from the Team of the Year, and never won any major awards in the regular season. Can he qualify for the hall of fame?

Toure Terry: Why do not Andre Iguodala? The efficiency value of James was -21 in the first game. It seems that the massacre of last year may occur again. If there is no Iguodala, how can the replacement of the bench played so good?

British Gellman: If you looked at the first light, perhaps you should think Livingston was elected MVP. The whole game he got 20 points, took only 10 shots, but the whole game is no kind. The problem: It is difficult for Livingston to continue this performance. So I choose Curry, because he is the most threatening player in the league.

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