A summary of the message of today's NBA

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Here is a summary of the message of today's NBA:
Thunder coach Hope coaching dream team
Reports from "Oklahoma People's News", the Thunder coach Billy - Donovan recently in an interview, revealed his wish in the future as the United States men's basketball coach of the idea, "I have (this idea). But for me, there are a lot of people are more suitable for this position than I do. Before I spent some time in the United States men's basketball team, I feel succeed Coach K will be an NBA coach, and this one, my name is A lot of people talk, it makes me feel very honored. "Donovan said. According to previous reports, the current Dream Team coach Mike - Mike Krzyzewski will retire after the Olympic Games next year in about. Recently, the speculation about who his successor is also increasing. The mainstream view is that Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is the most suitable candidate for the post.

Recalling the 11 years Paul Little Bass transaction
Earlier today, Jim Lakers owner and team vice president - Bass was interviewed by "USA Today", the period, when the alliance of small Bass talked about the topic of trading veto Paul, "I think that deal could accelerate Our process of reconstruction. But it plainly, I do not think, a failure will inhibit the operation of many years of development behind us. (termination of that transaction) is nothing more than change our voyage, but also the reconstruction of a two-year extension of the time . "in December 2011, the Lakers and Rockets and New Orleans Hornets (now pelicans) reached a three-way deal, with Paul - Gasol, who in exchange for Chris - Paul. But at that time, because the Hornets are under coalition custody, and therefore when he was president of Stern NBA final in opposition to other team owners, the ordered vetoed the deal.

Wade hinted weak lineup Running
Reports from the "Miami Herald", the Miami Heat general Wade said in an interview today, because of injuries, the team's starting lineup has not been fully run, "(I) do not know exactly how much longer ...... adapt to new things always require some process, it is crucial everyone to be clear, we have to rely on each other to be successful ...... yesterday's game, what we (all main) together to play the second game ...... In addition, we even has not participated in several training together. "Wade said. It is reported that, earlier today, the master Dragic missed due to illness the team's training, the final preseason game tomorrow against the pelican, he probably will not hit.

Deron Matthews will be back
Earlier today, the Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle said in an interview revealed, Deron - Williams and Wesley - Matthews focus injured or two will be back in tomorrow's final preseason game. You know, the preseason hit now, the Mavericks 6 games without a win. But a few days, the team ushered in the array has a continuous good news recently. In addition to Williams and Matthews is expected to return, also participated in the Mavericks Dirk Nowitzki's two warm-up match. In addition, Parsons also general strike today for the first time took part in the team's joint training. According to schedule, at the end of the preseason battle, the Mavericks will clash with the Bulls.

Eagles new starting position is determined on the 3rd
Reports from CSN Bay Area station, sources said, the Hawks coach Mike - 布登霍尔泽 has been basically to determine the starting position Three candidates for the new season on the team, he is a young Kent - Baez Mohr. This summer, the eagle on the 3rd position switch Raptors Carol Lord, let the team there is a vacancy in this position. But the young Baez Moore but by virtue of his excellent play in the preseason, has won the trust of the coaching staff, "we can campaign together every night with the world's best players, I am very grateful, and the future, whether it is as the starting or off the bench, will not change my style of play. "Baez said Moore.