Adding a Trading Block Would Improve the Game

nba2k16store Date: Apr/01/16 12:04:33 Views: 23
I have enjoyed playing the my NBA2K16 card game, however I do have a few gripes regarding the way some things work, and I simply wish to suggest some minor changes that would significantly improve the game.
Trading Block - Add a trading block. An auction is all fine and well, the minimum pricing stop people from exploiting it which is fine but trading. At the very least even if it is only with others from "your team", would allow us to give up cards of similar value and rarity for a card we may require.
I have Karl Anthony Towns (UR) and a Silver Contract. His level is maxed out and I have a duplicate, however I need two! I check the trading block and see someone has a Towns card on the block, I offer 1 card of the same tier (UR) and of similar rating 15/15 - The other player receives a notification that he has a trade offer, he checks it, if he likes it, he accepts, if not he rejects (or he can check my cards and offer an alternative). If you make sure that trade must be for cards of the same teir, this will avoid people swapping out stacks of grey/green ect. for higher level cards and keeps it balanced.
Award RP for "Quick Play" games - The pace in which you receive RP is ridiculous, its an absolute grind just to get anywhere near enough RP to buy even low level packs. How about offering 1/2 RP per win on Quick Play? I mean even playing 1000 games would ear 1000RP, its not much but its better than nothing, or better yet, increase RP award per win to like 5 but with daily limits. It's still not much but its something! Also why not offer RP awards as part of the draft board, chances you could turn an RP card of varying values depending on its rarity rare - 25, ultra rare - 50 and so on.

Quick Sell Improvement - Allow the ability to select multiple cards to "Quick Sell", doing it individually is quite tedious, allow selection of multiple cards, much in the same way you do when you are training a card.. Select Quick sell on the menu and get a full list of cards that are able to be sold not being tied to Career, RTTC and simply provide a lump some total at the end.
Anyway thats just a couple of suggestions  Please at least offer RP on a more frequent basis. You're charging 55k for packs, you can buy low level packs sure, but in about a week most people are at a tier that means spending that amount of RP on packs with poor card potential, isn't worth it and reaching 55k without spending real money is near impossible at rate you earn at present.