How to draft an amazing team in NBA 2K16 MyGM

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NBA 2K16 MyGM, the other side of basketball, which allows players to assume the role of General Manager and run everything behind the scenes. Instead of only playing with the teams, players customize all the aspects of one team as they are essentially the boss of the entire organization. In MyGM, players sign new players, complete trades, negotiate contracts with players or coaches, customize prices, add features to the arena, provide better facilities for the players, maintain a good relationship with the team owner, the players, media members, and fans, make a profit, and guide the team to NBA championships.

Prior to release, the MyGM mode was said to have been drastically improved, with many new features having been added. For instance, players may relocate their team to a different North American city, a first for an NBA 2K game. Other additions include redesigned draft presentations, more off-season activities, the ability to customize arenas and jerseys, players that can have multiple injuries at once, three-team trades, and a mini game the player may play while simulating games, to give the player interactivity during simulations.

There are eight players in NBA 2K16 who are 25 years old or younger who have an overall rating of 86 or above. It’s amazing to think that three of them are former Kentucky Wildcats players.
Here’s a list of them:

23 years old - Kyrie Irving, Cleveland Cavaliers - 87
25 years old - DeMarcus Cousins, Sacramento Kings - 87
25 years old - Paul George, Indiana Pacers - 86
22 years old - Anthony Davis, New Orleans Pelicans - 92
24 years old - Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio Spurs - 87
25 years old - Damian Lillard, Portland Trail Blazers - 86
25 years old - Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors - 87
25 years old - John Wall, Washington Wizards - 87

NBA 2K16 MyGM is all about longevity, we not only look at talent and potential, but also age. More often than not, we draft all young players (18-23) and suffer through the first few years, patiently waiting for my team to evolve into a dynasty.More NBA 2K17 Tutorials you can keep eyes on