Just Finished the Story on NBA 2K16

nba2k16store Date: Nov/23/15 04:25:54 Views: 21

Honestly. I hated it. I know I'll probably get downvoted to hell for it. But whatever.


I tried to stay away as much as possible before release to not ruin the story, so I literally knew nothing other than its made by spike Lee and what little was given in the trailers.


I thought "be the story" was a main part of this. I guess this is why I was so disappointed. My non black character with his all black (including twin sister) family. Really? They couldn't even make the mom non black to make it semi believable for any other race playing the game? I know that sounds racist, but immersion is a big factor to me in games.


Next up, you can't even choose the nickname the announcers call you? I mean come on, how is it supposed to be me if we can't even use my name. I understand why you couldn't do it with the voice acting in the story, but the announcers like every previous year?


Choices. I really thought this was supposed to be filled with choices. No. You choose what college in the beginning and that's it. Everything else is, "hey, lets just watch your guy make all these crazy decisions that you the player, whom this is supposed to be, would probably never make in a million years." Not even a single dialog choice to make. It's literally just a movie. I'm sure people knew this to an extent, but I went in blind and was expecting so much more.


What happened here? I can't be the only one who hated the story. I am so glad it only is your rookie year (only 8 games + playoffs after you get into the nba) and then everything goes back to normal. I genuinely feel like I just wasted all that time playing through that.


Anybody agree?