NBA 2K Discussions: How to Shoot perfectly

nba2k16store Date: Mar/16/16 23:44:49 Views: 26
Who are the best shooting guards? Who do you use? Who do you find effective? Do you play any players out of position at shooting guard? In today's discussion, we talk about how to shoot perfectly on NBA2K.
Here are some comments:
I have not removed "user skill." There's still a great deal of weight applied to shot timing. So knowing your players'releases is still a key success factor. It's just that shot quality is much more important this year so you have to take good shots.
For those wondering how we made green releases more rare. It's done based on shot. So if you take a low quality shot, you basically won't be able to achieve an excellent release. As your shot quality improves, the window for an excellent release grows. So again... take good shots.
Last year, green releases were meant to be 100%. If you saw one miss, that was a bug. But a bug nonetheless. This year, the shot bonus for greens is still pretty high and it's based on the shot %. So the higher the %, the greater the excellent timing boost. This is basically how our shot system has always worked, I just tuned it. It's kind of a mix between what we had in 14 and 15. And yes, it does kind of suck to miss a green release, but over time, it feels right. Still, I might tweak the system after getting more feedback from everyone... but nobody is really complaining about it internally.
And why don't we just remove the shot meter? Too many people like it and it's still a valuable tool. Not everyone has the time (or desire) to memorize the shot timing for hundreds of players in the league. And if you like to play with lots of teams, or just want to experiment with a new team, the shot meter is very helpful. You can always turn it off if you want.
The player's shot rating is the base that we work from. So if you have a bum who can't throw it in the ocean, you can pretty much gap off the guy and he still won't be a threat. The problem last year was all the modifiers that were tacked on last year (shot timing bonus, openness, etc) overpowered the base ratings. That's no longer the case this year. 
Go to settings and turn it off. If you don't want shot time or a release meter and keep the shot grade. The Jump shot on "normal" is kind of fast on the release time for My'player/ My'career , so just pick a jumper if you're a PG-SF you might want to pick a athletic jumper that's good off the dribble and pull up's & don't use a fast release or "Normal". If you're accustom to a set shot and actually look at the release of the shot on you're "AVI" at the apex of the jumper & the snap of the wrist. "I'm still looking for Jamal Crawford's jumper in 2K16 build SMH! "it's wet" "once you know how to use it". They took out the section where you can see every players setup from dribble to jumpers, basically everything that makes a "AVI"/player unique in 2K's build from the players profile in 2K16. "That was a lame move" ,I see nothing wrong with showing the build of the players. People want to recreate a certain style of play or moves that players have. Could be a favorite player in the NBA there a fan of/ moves they practice on day to day trying to imitate or improve on for there own game play or style. 
The shot meter shouldn't be present before taking a shot attempt. It should only be displayed in the "feedback" phase of the shot (which is an option). I think you can still learn multiple shot forms very quickly just by seeing the shot feedback rather than using the shot meter as an aid during a shot least that's how I do it. I believe that will force more players to actually look at the shot form instead of the shot meter, while still giving less skilled players the ability to become more skilled.