NBA 2K MT: NBA 2K18 Delivers A Robust Simulation

nba2k16store Date: Oct/09/17 16:41:16 Views: 21

NBA 2K18, which is officially out for a while. As a basketball game, it's pretty damned good. You can earn the virtual currency (VC) such as NBA 2K MT to level up by playing the game, but it's a terribly slow grind, you had better go to a reliable website like U4NBA. NBA 2K18 is out now on PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One and XBox 360.



This year's the biggest addition is the Neighborhood in MyCareer. From opening with a shot of Kyrie Irving in a Celtics jersey to letting you design your own Jordans to hanging out in your Neighborhood with your friends that you hoop with, NBA 2K18 delivers a robust simulation of not only an NBA game, but also gives touches of the holistic hoops lifestyle.


NBA 2K18 does just fine. But keep in mind, in NBA 2K18, like other installments, you're able to earn Virtual Currency after every game, and you'll start off with 6,000 VC. That seems generous until you actually start having to use your VC, where you’ll find that things are pretty expensive.


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