NBA 2K16: Basic Guide to Inside/Outside Offense

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I play lots of 2K and like to think I'm pretty solid. I plan on explaining my system of getting easy points inside based un usage of mismatches in the paint.


Step 1. Setting up your team: To use this method, you must first have a team that will work well for the system. I would assume that most people here play Myteam. So here is what to look for in your players. (An asterisk shows players that I really like)


PG: Good dribbler, good 3 pt shooter, good passer.

My recommendations:

Cheap: Lawson*/Knight/Holiday

Mid-tier: Conley/Kyrie/Tim Hardaway*

Expensive: CP3/Steph/Chauncey


SG: Deadly outside shooting, solid fastbreak, solid defense/length.

My recommendations:

Cheap: Wesley Matthews/Bradley Beal/K-Mart

Mid: Larry Hughes/NVEX/Butler

Top: Collections Ray*/Klay Thompson


SF: Length, athleticism, and fast-breaking

My Recommendations:

Cheap: Antetokounmpo/Wiggins

Mid: Grant Hill*/Kawhi/PG13

Top: Wilkins/LeBron


PF (Most important): Good mid-range, good post-play, good rebounding/defense, athletic, I really like playing centers right here, it gives more rebounds and strength to the paint.

My recommendations:

Cheap: Al Jefferson/Vucevic*/Horford

Mid: Cousins/Pau/K-Love/Aldridge

Top: Ewing*/Anthony Davis


C: Great rebounding, Great defense, Great standing dunk

My recommendations:

Cheap: Drummond*/Whiteside

Mid: DeAndre Jordan

Top: Dwight Howard


Now onto gameplay: I use the 91 Bulls playbook, because the plays I run are very easy to find in it.

You will be scoring with 2 main players, your PF and your SG. They key to this offense is competence in the post and mastering of your SG's release. There are a few "go-to" plays here they are:

1. Floppy, this is a double sided pick with both of your big men and is intended to open your SG up for a 3. If your Sg chooses to go center side, often the center will set a good pick, and you can pull-up and open 3 if not, return ball to PG. If your SG chooses to go the PF side, the pick is less likely to be effective. If the three is there, still take it. If the pick is not well used, look for an inside pass to your PF then try and beat the man with a 1 on 1 in the post. I really like the post-spin as well as the up and under, the fake shot also isn't bad, if worst comes to worst the close range standing layup goes in about 50% of the time.

2. Iso, I run this for my point guard and look to beat the 1 on 1 with a "stutter" crossover, I also like the crossover-spin. If this doesn't work, quickly call another play or run a free-form possession. If you try and force a play, turnovers will occur.

3. Punch, the bread and butter of this offense is a simple post up for your PF, look to beat the 1 on 1 with a post move, and then if a double is brought, look to your center for a dunk. If no double is brought, you can often use a fake shot then have an easy standing dunk. The inside give and go with your PF and SF/SG also works pretty well.

4. Pick and Roll/Pop, if all else fails, you have two great big-men to run a pick with, if it is your PF, look for a Pop, if it is your center, look for a roll. Don't be scared to sucker in a double and get an easy perimeter 3. Pretty standard in any playbook.

With a dominant PF and C offensive rebounds should happen pretty often, don't force up put-back if it isn't there, you have a new shot-clock. Reset the offense.


Hopefully this is pretty easy to follow and not too jumbled. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you thought this was helpful and would like me to do another write-up for a different style of offense let me know. Feedback is always appreciated. Thanks for reading.