NBA 2K16 Reveal Good News & 2016 Discounts

nba2k16store Date: Jan/15/16 00:40:06 Views: 17

2016 isn't only a year of music but also "NBA 2k16" treats! Previous reports have already revealed the patch codes and while that was last year, 2k Sports unleashed details that include the release date for the upcoming locker codes.


According to a report by Ecumenical News, new locker codes for "NBA 2k16" is just around the corner, with a release date rumored to be coming early in 2016. The last locker codes were unleashed last month, and new ones will be coming next month-not such a long wait after all.


The locker code release date speculation arose from The Bit Bag when the report highlighted the Dub the Vote event of "NBA 2k16" this month. "The 'NBA 2K16' is not telling what happens next to the "DubTheVote" event," the report pointed out. "Could it possibly be a special Locker Code for everybody for poll's winner?"


While there's still no confirmation from 2k Sports about the specifics of the new locker codes release date, the announcement could indeed come soon after such a major event. The participation of fans worldwide could possibly determine the next move for the developers of "NBA 2k16."


"PlayStation Plus members also get to save extra on included titles such as 'Dragon Age: Inquisition,' 'Driveclub,' 'GTA 5,' 'NBA 2K16,' 'Project Cars' and more. The sale ends Monday, January 18," added the report.


Meanwhile, apart from the 2016 release date of the locker codes, VG247 has also pointed out that "NBA 2k16" among the titles that will be discounted for the NA PlayStation store. According to the report, "The PlayStation Essentials is going live on the North American PlayStation Store. The new sale offers up to 75 percent discounts on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita titles, as well as movies."