NBA 2K16 Wasn't Worth the Money

nba2k16store Date: Nov/26/15 02:28:53 Views: 21

Ok so here is what i complained about to 2K support and there response...




I just purchased NBA2K16 with Michael Jordan Edition via steam yesterday. I'm a very very disgruntled customer with this game, first off i could not change the controls to suit a keyboard. They are all assigned to suit a controller for XBOX or PS4 im sorry im not wasting me time trying work about what controller button crosses to a keyboard button. This is so ridiculous that you would have available a game for PC when PC users can't even use it. I have attached a screen shot to show there is no way to change it.


Second is the price i understand that steam is US dollars but i have requested a refund from steam for the game because it cost me $89.95USD but when it got converted to Australian Dollars i see on my bank account it cost me $133.21 im sorry but you are screwing PC users with this ridiculous price...



Hello Stefan,


Thank you for contacting 2K Support and for purchasing NBA 2K16!


We are really happy to finally get the game into the hands of the players and we love receiving feedback on all of our amazing titles!


With that said, we would love to know more about your thoughts on the game and fully encourage you to leave feedback in these designated areas to help us improve the NBA 2K series with each year’s planned release. You can do so over here at:




2K is constantly monitoring these threads to help improve our games and to help us touch base with the only thing that keeps our games strong; The Community!


If ever you have any additional questions or concerns related to our 2K titles, please do not hesitate to contact us again!


Best regards,


So here i am! I have requested and received a refund from steam for the game. Can't believe the response i got just palmed me off and told me to complain here in this forum...