NBA 2K17 Features Wishlists

nba2k16store Date: Mar/16/16 15:21:47 Views: 17
Have you checked and played NBA 2K16? To me, it is one of the best basketball games so far. NBA 2K16 was phenomenal. To put it plain, it's the best sports game I've ever played. I stand by that even six months after the game was released. I rated it a 9.5 out of 10, and quite honestly, it's only gotten better. 
As good as Curry and the Warriors were in the 2014-15 season, he and his team have been even better in the 2015-16 campaign. Will NBA 2K17 follow the same pattern?
Even the vaunted server problems were drastically improved in NBA 2K16. So what can be added to improve the product in NBA 2K17? This is a list of things that would make the fall release even better than its predecessor.
1.Player Creation: Currently this feature is bit confusing and lengthy – not exactly but it can be integrated the way to save time. 
2.Option to create players: It would also be nice to have the option to create players as tall as 7'7". 
3.Expand My Court: It can be improve more with additional features.
4.Online MyGM: In NBA 2K17 they can include full online MyGM mode, one with draft and full agency etc.
5.Improved And Advanced Game Tutorial: They can add a improved tutorial for learning new skills.
6.Player Talk: Adding of players’ rough conversation with each other on the court would be amazing and it will enhance the authenticity. 
7.Potential: This is something which is needed in the game. They can add a potential slider that will give the statistics and help to achieve the player their true potential. 
8.Introduction in Final: They can introduce dramatic and spectacular introduction of each player of both teams in the finals and for play offs.
9.Additional ClassicTeams: This section of the game is so amazing that fans always expect more of it. 
10.Inactive Players: One more thing developers can add in that list is “Inactive players”, dressed in suits and sitting on the bench, who are not playing the match but belongs to the team playing the match.
If you also have some great ideas which you were expecting from NBA 2K16 or which you would like to see in NBA 2K17, you can share in the comment section.