Reviews on how dominant LeBron was last year during the finals

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Game 1: 44 PTS 8 REB 6 AST
Game 2: 39 PTS 16 REB 11 AST
Game 3: 40 PTS 12 REB 8 AST
Game 4: 20 PTS 12 PTS 8 AST
Game 5: 40 PTS 14 REB 11 AST
Game 6: 32 PTS 18 REB 9 AST

We know he has Kyrie and KLove back this year so we doubt he will put up those numbers again but I am excited to see what he can do.

1."LeBron was fantastic, no doubt about it. But those stats are a little misleading. He shot under 40% and had an absurd usage rating of almost 42."

2"LeBron's efficiency was not great, but people need realize nobody else was making shots so LeBron had to take a lot of bad ones. If he'd passed up the bad shots and scored less on higher efficiency, I've no doubt people would criticize him for passing and being afraid of the ball as they have in the past."

3."LeBron shot 39% from the floor, with a TS% of 47%, which isn't very good. He was also 30 years old and in his prime.
Kobe shot 44% from the floor, with a TS% of 54% (very respectable), and dropped 60 points in his final career game after playing 20 seasons and being 37 years old. He also nailed clutch shot after clutch shot to seal the win.
I give credit where it's due, LeBron's performance in the Finals last year was incredible. However, it is simply a fact that Kobe was more efficient than LeBron was, and was also 7 years older and so people arguing that Kobe was "fairly efficient" and LeBron wasn't are fully correct."

4"I'm waiting to see what amazing things Lebron can do when the Warriors can't focus all their defense on him."

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