Shortest Possible Time to Getting NBA 2K16 Runes While Making Profit

nba2k16store Date: Dec/22/15 14:42:03 Views: 33

Recently, I was able to help myself and a few friends to get all their runes within a few hours and make NBA 2K16 MT doing it. I realized today that I should be sharing this with the community! Just so you know, this tutorial is pointless unless you have a MINIMUM of 10-15K MT.

Okay so first you need to know how to snipe, and the rules of runes. 

Snipes come out every 15 minutes (give or take) on the auction house. To snipe, you set your filters on the search area, and then repeatedly refresh until cards come up. You then proceed to try to buy them before anyone else can. 

Runes are symbols that appear on cards, that give access to the black market. For more info on this, check out ReadySetDiego's black market guide. You find them by rotating the card all directions under the, "view card" menu. Finally, you should now that each player has approximately 31 runes, that can be any player card.

So now the guide:

1. First you need to set your sniping filters to all player cards, minimum buyout of 500, maximum buyout of 750. Then you wait until these bronzes are released and buy as many as possible, avoiding duplicates. 

2. Redeem the cards you won and check them for Runes in your collection. 

3. After you have THOROUGHLY checked every card, send them to your auction house, and list them at 850 MT a piece buy it now. They will all sell relatively quickly. Because you lose 10% of your selling amount, this means you lose 85 coins. That means that you make 765 coins per card, meaning you make 15 MT. Though this is minimal, you get many of your runes in this process. 

4. Now continue this process, making sure to keep track of who you have purchased in order to avoid runes. To help, you may choose to take pictures of those cards you have already checked.

5. This is Very Important: DO NOT GET TOO FRUSTRATED! This took me about 7 hours of snipes. The fact that each player has 31 runes means that roughly 1 in every 50 players will be a rune, and that's if you are lucky. Generally, this process takes a long time and can be very boring so have something to do while you wait for snipes (in addition to selling your cards)

6. If you think you have gone through all the bronzes, and haven't gotten 5 runes (very uncommon), try doing silvers. Change your maximum buyout to 900, and make sure, "silver players only" is selected. Sell these for 1,000 minimum once you have checked them.


This method helped me and a few friends of mine (and my brother) get our runes. I hope you have as much success as we did!