Simple and Special Ways to Scoring Tons in NBA 2K16

nba2k16store Date: Dec/22/15 14:02:56 Views: 21

Hey everyone! So for the past couple of weeks I've been playing MyCareer a ton and without buying NBA 2K16 MT, just hit 70 overall. This year, 2K made the game much more realistic, meaning it is much harder, especially getting into the paint. It is in fact difficult to get into the paint with my 94 overall MyTeam, much less a SINGLE 70 overall player, but I finally figured out how to score a bunch, and so  I figured I'd share it with the community.


1. Whenever you are on offense, give the ball to a teammate, and run into the paint. Then call for the ball. Once you get it, maybe throw a pump fake or two and then shoot. More than half of the time, no matter how bad your player is, you will make it or get fouled.


2. Run in transition. Don't get me wrong, make sure to rebound as well, but if you KNOW the ball is going in, or you can't get the rebound, run to the other side of the court as fast as you can, because fast breaks are incredibly easy to finish and your teammates will not hesitate to pass you the ball.


3. Finally, make sure to shoot a lot. Remember, this isn't real life, meaning no one actually cares what percentage you shoot, and when the CPU plays for you it will keep up your percentage, so the games that you do play, you should shoot enough that you will really help out the team, unless you are repetitively missing (4 or 5 times in a row).


Well guys, MyCareer is incredibly enjoyable but very difficult as well, and I really hope this guide will help some of you out to score more, especially those like myself whose players are not 90-99 overall. Good luck everyone!