Six Advices for Your NBA 2K16 MyTeam

nba2k16store Date: Dec/22/15 14:21:36 Views: 34

How do you set up a pick and pop?

Hold L1/LB until your player sets the screen and then run around them. One great tactic is to begin running around them before they get there, and pass the screener the ball once you do, as a good 50% of the time they will double you, leaving the screener wide open.


What plays are good? 

Not sure, plays aren't very important in 2K16. I run a play or two per game, and it's usually automated anyways so you don't even have to waste your time choosing.


Which playbook?

Not sure, I use the '91 Bulls Playbook and it works wonderfully for me, but I'm guessing it differs for different people, just like players and coaches do.


Best amethyst players?

My favorite amethyst so far is Anthony Davis. The dude is a freaking tank and is almost impossible to stop from anywhere, including both jumpshots and the post.


Offensive settings in POE?

For domination, I usually make sure to Crash Offensive Glass, but defensively run in transition. I also get into the paint, and pick and roll quite often.


Best things to grind right now?

If I were you I would grind domination. You can get some great players and make your team pretty good. Eventually, you can use the MT you earned on packs, and if you're lucky like me, you can pull Lebron (I've pulled him 3 times).