Some Of The Best Dynasty Teams Were Added Into NBA 2K18

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Some of the best dynasty teams were added into NBA 2K18, in order to ever bless the court. If you are eager to create dream matchup scenarios offline and online, in the greatest franchises, the greatest players will be selectable from the start. Here some of the classic teams that you can look forward to dominating with, this below is the fullest list: NBA 2K18 news would continue to update at U4NBA, pay attention us and click here



1996-97 Miami Heat

2010-11 Chicago Bulls

2013-14 Indiana Pacers

2007-08 Denver Nuggets

2011-12 New York Knicks

2001-02 New Jersey Nets

1998-99 New York Knicks

2010-11 Dallas Mavericks

2005-06 Memphis Grizzlies

2012-13 Memphis Grizzlies

2001-02 Sacramento Kings

2004-05 San Antonio Spurs

2003-04 Los Angeles Lakers

2007-08 New Orleans Hornets

2006-07 Golden State Warriors

2015-16 Golden State Warriors

2011-12 Oklahoma City Thunder


The thing about sports video games is that there is a baseline of reality that must be approached. The impressions of NBA 2K18 have been mostly positive, the 19th game in the NBA 2K series. This year's game leans heavily on the introduction of Neighborhoods, which ties together game modes and allows for virtual interaction with other people playing the game. 


From opening with a shot of Kyrie Irving in a Celtics jersey to letting you design your own Jordans to hanging out in your Neighborhood with your friends that you hoop with, NBA 2K18 delivers a robust simulation of not only an NBA game, but also gives touches of the holistic hoops lifestyle. One of the most exciting includes buy NBA 2K18 MT from professional website.