Sports Game of the Year is NBA 2K16

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In today's roundtable discussion, we talk about this incredible feat, what is the secret sauce behind NBA 2K16's success- sports game of the year is nba 2k16, and whether there's a viable challenger out there to unseat the king in 2016.



In case you missed it yesterday, NBA 2K16 was named our sports game of the year for the fourth year in a row.  Mouse over here for comments Read More - NBA 2K16: Sports Game of the Year Once More


Here are some comments:

Sports Game of the year would some time ago be awarded to a game that was the best of a bad bunch. Today we have a consistently good Baseball game, an ever improving Soccer game. NHL has at last seen some much needed improvements. Dare I say it Madden, after years of minimal changes has seen some good progress. 


But all theses pale into comparison to where 2K have taken their Basketball game to us today. Be it the Career Mode, the highly customisable MyLeague or the TV style presentation we at last have a game that caters for all sports fans. Enjoy the NBA 2K experience for sadly it may well long be the exception to the norm.


Part of 2k's success is the involvement with the community. Being on these forums and others filtering through the whining and identifying their weaknesses to find improvements for year to year development.


The most important part of this is how they have given us MORE CUSTOMIZATION options so that guys like Simworld and other great roster,slider,draft class makers can improve upon their game further.


I'm glad someone finally mentioned the Show's unwillingness to change. The gameplay has literally gotten worse since the move to next gen.