Step by Step: Getting 900+ Domination Points in NBA 2K16

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I've recently seen an outpouring of people struggling with domination, particularly the last games of historic domination that require 800+ NBA 2K16 MT to advance. I figured I'd make a guide on how to do it, so I hope you all enjoy!

NOTE: All of these are extremely important, do not disregard any of these steps.


This is absolutely crucial to getting your points. Whenever you see a fast break opportunity, you should take it. You get an additional 4 points for running a fastbreak which adds up by the end of the game and can give you an additional 75-100MT.


2. Get assists on every single play.

2K created the game this year so that it is centered around ball movement. Not only will you find more success by passing constantly, but for every assist you get an extra 5 MT, which is a lot if you think about it. If someone makes an average of 35-45 shots during a game, that can add up to over 200 additional MT if you're lucky. 


3. Rebounding gets you a ton.

Each rebound YOU get (not the CPU) gives you 6 MT. When a rebound is in the air, simply press A/X to become the player nearest the ball and get the points for the rebound. This takes a bit of practice but it becomes second nature and is really helpful.


4. Post Moves are really important if you have the right players.

Dirk Nowitzki for example is who I consider to be the king of domination. Every post move score gets you +4 MT, so a player like Dirk who can easily get an Assist, Three Point, Post move gets you a quick 15-20 MT on the spot. However, if you don't have solid post players, don't screw yourself over trying too hard. Also, if you are wide open for a shot, quickly press the post up button (LT/L2), and release it before shooting. This counts as a post move and you get +4 MT.


5. Get 10-Free Throws and Shoot 5 Threes

Finally, this maybe the most important step (other than assists). If you look at the MT scoring chart after the game, you notice that two of the categories are free throw percentage (min. 10) and 3 point percentage (min. 5). Basically,y if you don't take 10 free throws in the game, you get a 0 in this category. Free throws are incredibly easy and this can grant you an additional 100 MT easily. The same goes for three pointers. You must shoot 5, and try and keep your percentage up. I often aim for 3/5, meaning I get 60 MT extra. Between these two you can get up to 200 MT where you may be getting 0.


I hope this guide helps many of you out to succeed in both domination and historic domination. Besides, use "nba2k16store" coupon get 2% cheap nba 2k16 mt coins in NBA2K16STORE.