Steve Cole & Stephen Curry: Selected to "Fortune" World's Top 50 Leaders

nba2k16store Date: Mar/25/16 22:23:17 Views: 17
Nationally recognized magazine "Fortune" published the results list of the world's top 50 leaders, the selection list contains more than one field in business, politics, academia and the arts. Warriors coach Steve Cole and Stephen Curry was selected to join hands, they jointly ranked 15th. The following is a comment given by the magazine:
Ordinary stature makes it easier to produce Curry and Cole into a sense, they are the most accurate thirds vote of the people in league history. Cole get championship rings hand has worn it down, Curry is almost certain to get this year's regular season MVP, he will single-season record for three-pointers far behind. Although the team made excellent achievements, Cole said he is still just lucky to stay on the job.
In Cole's eyes, it is that Curry both humble and arrogant person. He was arrogant to the field confident, in the field is very modest. Lit atmosphere in the field of library work to the general Drummond Green, but he took the initiative to increase training, Focus on the Family, joking personality in the game will affect teammates.
Both men are extremely competitive in terms of people, eager to win, enjoy the process. These are the warriors forward momentum.
Warriors currently 64 wins and 7 losses, is likely to break the league record of 72 wins and 10 losses last season the Bulls 95-96 to create. The library is expected to become the second consecutive year, the regular season MVP.