Tips of Ways to Update Myplayer

nba2k16store Date: Mar/29/16 11:15:28 Views: 31
In today's tip, we are covering how to get your My Player up to a 99 overall rating as fast as possible. You'll first want to start off by maxing out your Jump Shooter, Athlete and Playmaker as quickly as possible. Defender, Inside Scorer and Rebounder can come later.
Basically, you have to grind on the off days that you get after each game and hit the Live Practice over and over again. You will have to spend several hours in the game, following these simple steps:
1: First, set the game speed to 100. It's best for you to play with the easiest game mode as you will only have to care about improving your player, rather than enjoying. Sorry but that's it… Then, start the match and foul intentionally as fast as you can, so you can be fouled out in the first quarter, and skip game and cut-scenes going forward until the main menu.
2: Use the Live Practice whenever you have a day off after each match. You don't even need to complete those practice trainings, just start them, quit and get the bonus. Repeat this over and over again, and you'll get a maxed out, 99 rated player in MyPlayer NBA 2K16.
3: This is not the maximum enjoyment you'll get from the game, but at least this is a working method for you to have your player at the highest rank in the mode.
There are a lot of other tips that will help you upgrade your NBA 2K16 My Player incredibly fast that you can check out in the video below.