Top 10 Shooting Guards In NBA 2K18: Devin Booker Ranked Amongst The Best

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NBA 2K18 soon to be released, the list of top 10 shooting guards in the league was revealed, from this following list, we can know that Devin Booker ranked amongst the best. He just 20 years old, is also the youngest player by four years that made the list. We will update more news and guides with on U4NBA as soon as we get the official announcement, visit website right now. 



Top 10 Shooting Guards in NBA 2K18

Bradley Beal

Avery Bradley

James Harden

Devin Booker

Jimmy Butler

C.J. McCollum

Dwayne Wade

Khris Middleton

Klay Thompson

DeMar DeRozan


NBA 2K18 is 2K's newest installment in the NBA 2K series, it's about to be launched on September 19th. In the recent trailer, the Neighborhood was revealed, revealing players are no longer encumbered by numerous menus, instead, players seamlessly walk in the social space to play pickup matches or enter various shops to deck their baller. They can also train in the gym with fellow online players or engage in arcade games.


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