What the Final Lineup should Look Like

nba2k16store Date: Apr/08/16 22:34:58 Views: 23
Today I'm trying to figure out what my final lineup should look like. I already know who I'll use at 3 positions:
  • PG: BM Magic/Historic Oscar
  • PF: Diamond Dirk/BM Larry
  • C: MVP Wilt/Reward Kareem
As you can see, I like big PGs that I can use to bully people with in the post. While I believe that Diamond AD is the best PF in the game, I've already got Bird, and I'm a big Dirk fan. Also not a fan of cards I deem undeserved, so he won't make my lineup. MVP Wilt has got to be the best C in the game, he is the best rebounder I've used, locks down the paint with ease, dunks on everybody and even has a midrange. Kareem will be free and great, nothing else to say.
However, I cannot really decide who I want at the 2 and 3. My goal is to have at least one of those guys be my go-to guy, so it'd be ideal if he had good post game. Otherwise I prioritise defense and shooting. The sidekic should obviously be at least a very good shooter. 
I contemplated running Oscar at the 2, but his 55 Low Post Defense makes him a slight liability when he gets posted up by the likes of MJ and MVP Kobe.
These are the guys I would consider running at SG: Dr J, MVP Kobe, 81 Kobe, MVP MJ. MJ and the Kobes have Volume Shooter, but have in every way the makings of a go-to guy. Dr J lacks post-game but is a superb finisher and shooter as well as a great defender, making him the ideal sidekick. His combination of strength and low-post IQ should also make him great at combating someone like MJ posting him up. 
It's hard to say whoI like best at SG, especially since 2k hasn't updated MVP Kobe's badges yet. If the 81 Kobe didn't have Volume Shooter he'd make a great 2nd fiddle, but he does. I've also heard worrying things about his animations being slow. There are good cases to be made for all of those guys. I'm somewhat less inclined to used MJ since I've already used the ROTY for a while this year, and had several MJs (Sapphire, 89, 91, PD) last year. 
At SF, the matter is a bit simpler. It seems to me that Dr J and MVP LeBron are the best options. Diamond Melo is obviously worth considering, but I don't trust him defensively. Not a big fan of Moments PF13 since he's got VS like the SG go-to guys Kobe and LeBron. Again, I'd also prefer a historically more defensible version of a card. It's not obvious whether Dr J or LeBron makes the better sidekick to a guy like MJ or Kobe.
I kind of like Dr J/MVP LeBron, or 81 Kobe/MVP LeBron.
Any thoughts? He seems like a worse go-to guy (playmaking, post-game, midrange) and sidekick (defense, shooting) than the MVP. If I don't get MVP LBJ for my starting lineup, I'll use the TBT on my bench.