Who is the Next Kobe Bryant?

nba2k16store Date: Apr/19/16 11:53:29 Views: 24

Kobe Bryant has been a member of the Los Angeles Lakers since 1996. Bryant, who retired after 20 years with the Lakers, is the only player in NBA history to play that long for just one franchise.




Bryant went out with a bang, scoring 60 points on 50 shots while leading the Lakers to victory. Kobe created his own ending for his storybook career, going out on his terms. 


When it comes to NBA 2K16 (or 2K17) the Lakers are going to present themselves as a fantastic challenge in MyGM to rebuild from the ground up. There are some decent pieces present, with both DeAngelo Russell at the point and Julius Randle at Power-Forward. But the team itself is coming off of a historically bad season. Last in the league in scoring, a 17-65 record, a defense that wasn't the worst in the league but might as well have been -- there's a lot of just flat out building to do with the Lakers. 


There will never be another Kobe. He was a once in a lifetime spectacle. No other work ethic like his. I can't see many current players matching what he did. All that consistency for 20 years, I really wish those two injury seasons would not have happened ( achilles and shoulder ), but unfortunately his body was breaking down.


As for anyone who can might dominate the league in the coming years as he did. I'd put my money on Kawhi Leonard, he's turning out to be one of the best trades of all time, his dominance on both sides of the floor is something out of this world. Already has a championship, Finals MVP, and Defensive Player of the Year award at just 24. He's the future of the Spurs' franchise and I can see him carry on the legacy of the big 3.