Who Will be the Featured Cover in NBA 2K17? Kobe Bryant or Stephen Curry?

nba2k16store Date: Mar/21/16 14:04:44 Views: 25
There is still some time before the official images of NBA 2k17 will be released. But there are many of us who want to see or say predict what those images will be like. There is a huge debate going on in the social media in recent days about who should be featured in NBA 2k17 Cover? This year's Most Valuable Player Stephen Curry or retiring legend Kobe Bryant? Let's look into it.
There is a petition that demands that Kobe Bryant should be featured in the cover of NBA 2k17 but there are many gamers/fans who believe that Stephen Curry deserves to be in the cover. The cover always reveals the best player of the year so the natural choice should be Curry but Los Angeles Lakers icon and all time legend Kobe Bryant is retiring which makes things complicated for the 2k Sports.
Stephen Curry
There is always an easy way out for 2k. They could create special edition NBA 2k17 for Kobe Bryant like they did for Michael Jordan. The special edition could include the player's cover in the game disk, special limited edition Kobe Bryant shoes, jersey, t-shirts, extra virtual current and VIP access.
We think they should do this. It is a win-win for the developers as it not only would be fair to the NBA Superstars but also the company since they can charge more for the special edition versions.
On the cover, 2K Sports usually pick the best player who is performing great at playing basketball and should be highlighted on the cover.Who do you think should feature on the cover of the NBA 2K17?